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My name is Jim Kerr. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. I am a singer and songwriter with Simple Minds. I have been traveling in one way or another since the age of 13, when I first visited Italy on a school trip to the Adriatic Coast. In many ways Italy, and latterly Sicily in particular, have been an integral part of my life ever since.

I still travel for most months of the year, both for business and pleasure. Most of those miles are eaten up through performing concert tours with Simple Minds. But I also regularly visit Asia,  I am particularly intrigued by Japan, and very often rejuvenated whenever possible by time – off in Indonesia.

I can often  also be found in Taormina, Sicily, – the small but thoroughly enchanting town that is perched on Monte Tauro overlooking the Ionian Sea. I first arrived in Taormina in 1982, it is now  home to Hotel Villa Angela, a small, family type hotel, that I  am a partner in along with my son James. It was created almost a decade ago and has given many people much pleasure ever since. Come visit…you will find a genuine welcome!

So what gave me the idea to initiate ‘Sicily Notebook’? That is easy to answer. As a result of my 30 year relationship with Sicily, and Taormina in particular, people throughout the world who are familiar with my work, have been asking me about the place and my experiences in Sicily. They enquire how I came to be there, what it is like, and why I like it so much. Additionally, whenever I have written about Sicily within my diary pieces on Simpleminds.com, there is often positive feedback.

Truth is, I am passionate about Sicily. I am enthralled by it’s people and it’s culture, it’s landscape and it’s natural ambience. I am fascinated by its past, present and future.

In the meantime, some of that passion to which I refer may resonate within these bite-sized blogs that I intend to present monthly. If so, I will consider my effort a success. A word of warning though. I am not a writer, and that is evident. I am however a natural born enthusiast, particularly so for the things that I like and  love. That is the emotion that triggers my effort here.

In any case, thanks for visiting the Sicily Notebook. Hopefully it may encourage you to think about visiting, or indeed revisiting, this unique and in many ways mesmerising place.

Jim Kerr


Hotel Villa Angela – Jim’s hotel in Taormina

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